The last Human8 min read

The last Human8 min read

The sky was weeping, dark and cold. Fitting for a day like this Tom thought with a grin. The grin quickly got knocked off his face by the Anari soldier in front of him. “Why do you laugh worm? Don’t you realise you will be no more soon?” The translator device made him sound almost comical and Tom suppressed another grin.

“I know you Anari whoresons don’t know much aside of eating, fucking your mothers and killing other species, but we humans are a proud species that have developed many delicate tastes. Like the one for humour. You wouldn’t be able to understand that though worm head.”

The soldier’s facial appendages coloured a dark purple as he spat in Tom’s face. “Play with your fancy words as much as you like, soon you will be an empty husk.” The soldier kicked Tom with his boot.

“Stop Valgrid.” The soldier suddenly jumped straight as he heard the voice of his captain, a female as was custom with their kind. She walked over to Tom in her heavy battle armour. “And you human, you should spend your last moments by thinking of your kin instead of wasting your breath on words that mean nothing to us.” Tom chuckled.

“Perhaps it is you that should spend time with your kin, Anari whore mother.” The captain’s eyes twitched and her appendages changed colour, but she did not hurt him.

“Why would I need to do that? You are the last of your kind, there is nothing you could do to harm us. And even if you did, I have a thousand children and no need to spend my last breath with any of them.”

Tom laughed again. “Yeah, I forgot that you whores have no bond with your young. Tell me again how such a dysfunctional species managed to become the dominant force in the galaxy?” This time the captain grinned, as far as was possible with her maw, as she stepped closer to him and closer, her gloved hand around his neck, squeezing it tightly.

“With force and might.” She said and then let go of him. “As is custom with the Anari, we give each last one of their species the ability to choose how to die. So tell me wormling, how do you want to die?”

Tom coughed, trying to swallow the pain in his throat away. “Don’t worry about that, I have already arranged how I’ll die.”

“What do you mean human, speak no more nonsense or die now.” She said, her hand moving to the ceremonial sword on one of her hips. Tom just laughed, coughing still.

“Remember the first years when our species met? When most of our contact were battles in space, far away from either of our planets?” The captain grinned again, showing row after row filled with sharp, jagged teeth.

“Of course I do, almost every day we got a report back of how one of our fleets utterly destroyed yours. Those were glorious days!” Tom scuffed.

“That you did… that you did. But, there was one fleet of yours that got done in by ours. Isn’t that right?” He grinned at her and saw her appendages turn the darkest purple he had ever seen on them.

“A fluke! You pitiful worms fought as low as dirt!” It was a terrifying sight, an angry Anari, but it didn’t do anything to Tom anymore.

“But we won. And you lost. And you never found the remnants of your fleet, did you? That is because we took it. We took it all. And thanks to that we managed to fend off your kind for over 30 years. By adapting to your technology, by using it.”

The captain visibly got angrier now. “But in the end, your tricks did nothing but buy you a few measly years longer to live!” She said triumphantly.

“Yes, enough measly years to learn about your kinds history. There were a lot of data archives aboard one of your ships. Going back a long time. And all those measly years let us translate enough of your script to learn about..” Tom paused a moment, making sure he pronounced it right. “El braq ugah tozaap”. As he said those words the temperature suddenly seemed to drop as all soldiers, captains and Anari in the vicinity that heard it froze in their spot.

“What did you say?” The captain asked weekly. Tom grinned.

“I said, it allowed us to learn about El braq ugah tozaap. That was really a colourful part of your history, wasn’t it? If I remember correctly, it almost wiped you out? Right?”

The captain hit Tom in his face with her gloved hand, breaking his lip. “Silence filth! Many Anari died fighting bravely against the Tentacled evil! You have no right speaking about that. No right knowing!” She was almost losing herself to her anger.

“But I do, that is all that matters. And there was one last thing we learned from those archives. Something that shouldn’t have been recorded in your history I’m sure. But it was, and that is all that matters.” She pulled out her sword from the scabbard and held it in the air.

“I have had enough of your talk filth, with this strike, I’ll end your existence, and with that, the existence of your kind.” She said as she prepared to strike.

“We learned about Uq at’il.” Tom said softly, with a smug grin.

The captain’s hand froze in the middle of her strike. “What.. no..” Tom grinned and looked up at her.

“Yes.” The captain started to shiver.

“Low filth like you would never be able to complete that. You would never be able to build the drive device needed for the ritual.” Tom groaned as he got up from his knees. At his full height, he was only still as tall as her ribs.

“We didn’t need to build a drive, as every one of your ships has one. All we needed was to learn the right words, and speak them at the right moment, in the right place.” Her arm slowly lowered but then moved up again.

“Stupid filth, there is no drive near enough for you to be able to trigger that vile … thing. You wasted your plan with your words, now die.” Tom laughed again.

“We already triggered it. I wouldn’t be telling you this if we hadn’t. Somewhere on this planet, in cold mountains, we found one of your crashed ships. It took us only an hour to activate the drive. And trigger Uq at’il.” The captain started to walk back, stammering.

“No.. it would have eaten your kind alive.” Tom gave her a grim glance.

“We lost many good men and women to it, that is true. But we opened the gate, and then left it.” She dropped her sword.

“How long?” Her real voice had changed in tone, but the translator still spoke in that monotone, comical voice. Her appendages a white blue now. The colour of fear. You didn’t see that often on an Anari.

“Months ago, more than enough time for it to come into our world.” Tom said with a smile. Some of the soldiers started to run to the big ships now, the captain was kneeling down, her legs shivering too much to hold her weight.

“No… what have you done..” Tom walked closer to her, his head now level with hers.

“We ended you.” he said as he picked up her sword, groaning against the weight.

“Foolish worm, you have no idea what kind of horrors you allowed in our world. you have not ended us, you have ended the Galaxy.” She said. Tom grinned again.

“A dead galaxy is better than one ruled by the Anari. And we send out a small pod to the furthest reaches of our Galaxy, detailing how to battle it. There is still hope.” She scoffed now.

“Hope? A feeble human concept. There is no hope, not when you battle this. You have no idea of what it is.” This time Tom scoffed.

“Oh but I do. After all, I’m the one containing it.” At this she looked up at him, terrified.

“What? No.. that can not be true, the pain should be so strong it would kill you.” Tom grimaced. his skin started to move, like a bubbly, gooey sea.

“Oh it hurts, but humans have many ways of ignoring pain.” He said, forcing a grin on his lips. his skin now seemed to thrash around wildly, about to explode. The captain started shrieking, and the translator did nothing. Tom laughed, and then he let go.

In an instant, Tom, the existence, the person, the physical body, exploded in a red vapour. And crimson and black tendrils of pure vileness came out of his core. They spread out incredibly fast, cutting right through matter, be it Anari, stone or anything else. The captain shrieked as a dark tendril tore through her ribcage, cutting through her soul, her essence as well. The translator still did its job.

“I curse you human filth.” Then another dark tendril randomly ripped through her maw, ending her life.

The darkness expanded outwards, increasingly fast. Tearing through the thick hulls of the Anari ships. Hulls that seemed to be impenetrable to humans before. Explosions and mayhem. In minutes the whole of Earth was reduced to a fiery ball of misery. Anari fleets rapidly trying to escape into FTL, but the crimson red darkness tore through them, absorbing their essence, destroying them. Unmaking them.

Aboard her ship, Warmaster Zlut send out an FTL message to the hives of the Anari. “Existence is lost. The humans have triggered Uq at’il. El braq ugah tozaap runs free between the stars once again. The fleet is lost.”. As she watched the message leave to all the Anari holds she turned to look through the bridges windows. And as a manifold of dark tendrils tore through the glass and her body, her mind jumped suddenly to one of her own. Her 785th child. There was no reason for it to do that, it had been a lowly male. But somehow, she liked it. favoured it. And a tear rolled over her cheek as the tendrils tore her body and soul apart. “All is lost.”

A vast shockwave moved through space, and as it hit her she heard it. It’s voice if you could call it that. It was dark, fear inducing, and the sound of it was enough to kill some of the weaker species. It was ever reaching and moved through the Galaxy like cancer, to kill the weak and warn the strong they soon would follow. To tell the Galaxy that it would end.

El braq ugah tozaap mvrintr torq as faal va.

El braq ugah tozaap comes, now die quickly so I can feast.